Video: War Criminal Condi: 'Al Qaeda Is A Greater Threat Than Nazi Germany, And Waterboarding Isn't Torture'
May 12, 2011 at 1:25 PM
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Earlier we saw this enjoyable exchange at Stanford as Rice was called a war criminal by righteous protesters...

So we decided to go deeper into the heart of the beast with this clip.

Video - Condoleezza Rice chats with Stanford students - April, 2009

When Condi can't answer the student's questions, she changes the subject and tells the kid:

Well Condi, here's some homework for YOU.  Meet Kahlid El-Masri.  Want to claim he wasn't tortured?  Actually, Condi knows he was tortured.  Here's the Wikileaks cable to prove it.

Video - Khalid El-Masri, victim of torture and mistaken identity

Khalid El-Masri - Wikipedia


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